Mechanical Engineering/Production and Manufacturing

Consistent with the missions of the IPRC HUYE, and the College of Engineering, the objectives of this department are:

  1. Prepare students to practice professionally in the fields of industrial and manufacturing engineering through the provisions of high quality undergraduate educational programs
  2. Provide an environment for satisfying faculty career development
  3. Maintain a world renowned scholarly research program

Mechanical Engineering in Production Program consists of the following Objectives:

Three years after graduation from the Mechanical Department in the production, graduates will:

  1. Successfully practice industrial and systems engineering to serve local, state, regional, national, and international industries, and government agencies.
  2. Work professionally in the fields of industrial and systems engineering in either manufacturing or service sectors, working in areas such as systems engineering, quality engineering.
  3. Achieve personal and professional success with an understanding and appreciation of ethical behavior, social responsibility and diversity, both as individuals and in team environments.
  4. Pursue continued life-long learning through further graduate education, short courses or other training programs in engineering or related fields.

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