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The department of veterinary technology is one of the lately added departments to other already established departments in IPRC-Huye at the diploma level. Starting with 38 students transferred from the University of Rwanda, the department was born in November 2014; which was based on the MINEDUC recommendation that students with technical background continue to pursue technical trades and be catered for by polytechnics in order to maintain the consistency in their progression routes. IPRC-HUYE is so far the only polytechnic offering the Veterinary course at Diploma level in the republic of Rwanda.


To produce all-round competent veterinary professionals and practitioners with positive attitudes to engage in the delivery of quality veterinary services to the Rwandan farmer; and engaging in promoting animal health, the quality assurance of animal food products and products processing.


To be the leading provider of Veterinary Practical Education and Innovation; creating wealth through the animal the resources of Rwanda.


As of 2016/2017 academic Year, a candidate is deemed eligible for consideration for admission to our diploma program if she/he has obtained:

  1. i) The Workforce Development Authority (WDA) A-level certificate with a minimum of 16 points with a background in veterinary sciences, for Technical Secondary School.
  2. ii) At least 18 points in the Rwanda education board (REB) A-level examinations, with biology and chemistry as the essential subjects for a direct entrant.


Since 2014, the department offers one three-year Diploma program of Veterinary Technology whose curriculum is continuously under review to ensure the right information is passed on to the trainees throughout the training sessions. At the end of the three year course, our students work on a project and our staff monitor and evaluate the various aspects of the student project to ensure that quality standards are met. However, as the department shall grow into its own faculty, other new courses shall be introduced. These include but not limited to;

  • Animal feed production technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Dairy value addition technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Poultry production technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Swine production technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Leather production technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Fish production technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Bee keeping value addition and entrepreneurship.


We have memoranda of understanding with;

  • The Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB)
  • The University of Rwanda (UR)
  • TSS Kabutare

We strive to make collaboration with more partners and stakeholders, both local and international, in solving the societal problems of the Rwandan farmers. We endeavor to make public-private partnerships our top aspiration


Contact us at;

Department of Veterinary Technology

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