Back ground of IPRC-Huye

IPRC Huye was formerly care taken on KAVUMU ground in Southern Province of Rwanda, Nyanza District, Busasamana Sector.

In 2012, it shifted to former ESO which is located in southern province of Rwanda, HUYE district, NGOMA Sector, BUTARE cell, BUKINANYANA village on the road from HUYE CITY COMPLEX MARKERT to CHUB.

In 2010, MINEDUC and MINADEF signed an agreement of establishing Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center (IPRC) South in ESO because Kavumu ground were no longer large enough to host such big institution that was expanding; MINADEF started its rehabilitation using engineering regiment team and WDA provided needed equipment. In 2012 December the school started to offer its training programs and it was inaugurated by Dr.Vincent BIRUTA, Minister of Education on 27th June 2013.

IPRC (Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center) SOUTH is a legally established Government institution mandated to empower Rwandan People with right technical skills for sustainable economic and social development. It acts as WDA (Work Force Development Authority) base for implementation of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), programs, supervision and coordination of all TVET institutions in the southern Province.

Therefore the main objectives of IPRC-Huye include:

- To implement TVET training courses focusing on skills for the unskilled and unemployed population as well as students who have completed nine years of basic education;
- To supervise and coordinate with private education providers, NGO-run technical and vocational schools and industry-run training centers on the delivery of technical and vocational training in Southern Province;
- To supervise and coordinate with all public TVET institutions on the delivery of technical and vocational training in Southern Province;
- To provide Competent-Based Training (CBT) curriculum developed by WDA HQ to all TVET institutions centers delivering training in southern Province;
- To provide quality assurance on all TVET training delivery by ensuring that all curricula are CBT, the integrity of examinations is protected and that all TVET lecturers and instructors are adequately trained;
- To organize technical train-the-trainer programs for all TVET institutions and centers located in Southern Province
- To organize pedagogic train-the-trainer programs for all TVET institutions and centers located in Southern Province.
- The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is to emphasize technical and vocational training. It is done in the framework of developing human resources, empowering them with employable skills aiming at Economic development and poverty reduction strategy (EDPRS).
- To implement TVET policy, a regional center was established to regulate and coordinate technical and vocational training at provincial level. This is called Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center (IPRC) which is under the immediate supervision of Workforce Development Authority (WDA), the national TVET regulatory agency.

So far IPRC Huye did some different activities such as:

- Global assessment of Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) and Technical Secondary Schools (TSSs) that operate in the province of South. We have up to now 70 VTCs and TSSs, and the process of collecting these data continues.
- Promotion of collaboration with the private sector federation and among our VTCs and TSSs. various activities were done like meetings, and tours with PSF. This helps in matching what we do and what is needed and done at the labour market.
- Facilitating new competence based curricula experimentation activities in the province in collaboration with WDA and PAFP.
- Participation in different expositions.
- Meeting with IPRC-Huye external partners (enterprises, PSF-south, district education officers, work inspectors, BDC)
- Participation in certification process and planning of graduation ceremonies
- In Capacity building of staff, some personnel have been trained in various domains in collaboration with WDA and PAFP.
- Development of strategic plans in pilot centers and in IPRC-Huye

IPRC Huye is dealing with different activities now such as:

- Recruitment of various staff and students.
- Rehabilitation of the working place (some offices, classrooms, workshops, hostels and so on)
- Creation of incubation center in IPRC Huye
- Creation of production unit in each TVET School in Southern Province
- Starting the training and all related academic services at the campus
- The TVET system uses a Competence Based Training (CBT) which requires materials and skilled people. For that reason, our trainers need training in CBT assessment.
- Implementing IPRC Huye Master Plan starting by TOT (Training of Trainers) Center.
- Financing of the Schools Strategic plans developed by PAFP in collaboration with School managers.

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