VISION: to be a leading TVET provider in the region.

MISSION: implement TVET programmes and facilitate the establishment of adequate, efficient and appropriate TVET offers in the Southern Province.

MOTTO: Skills for a better destiny

Values promoted by IPRC Huye: Excellence, Dignity, Patriotism, Loyalty, Professionalism, Innovation and Integrity


1. To organize technical train-the trainer programs for all technical and vocational School in South Region
2. To organize pedagogic train-the- trainer programmers for all technical and vocational schools located in South region
3. To implement Technical and Vocational Training courses at all level ( up to Advanced Diploma level) focusing on both knowledge and skills for both school leavers O' level and unskilled and unemployed population;
4. To supervise and coordinate with private education providers, NGO- run TVET centers and industry-run training centers on delivery of TVET training in South region.
5. To supervise TVET centers and polytechnics Campus (PC) on the delivery of training centers on the delivery of TVET training in South region.
6. To provide CBT curriculum development by WDA HQ to all TVET centers, PCs delivering vocation training in South region.
7. To provide quality assurance TVET Delivery by insuring that all curriculum are CBT, integrity of examination protected and all TVET lectures and instructors are adequately trained

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