Sports and Culture

IPRC Huye highly recognizes the critical importance of sports to the life of youths and to the training of a responsible citizen. Sports is therefore considered not only essential but also indispensable for all-round development of IPRC Huye staff and students. IPRC Huye has a variety of sports and cultural activities:

Sports Activities

The Directorate of Students' affairs organizes varieties of games for the purposes of physical fitness of the students. Among others, the following games are:

- Football
- Basketball
- Volleyball
- Karate

Every Friday afternoon is devoted to sports for staff. All staff are encouraged to participate and choose to do a sports activity from the available ones like Football, basketball, Volleyball, Athletics. From time to time, IPRC Huye sports teams and clubs participate and represent the university in various national competition such as;

- Inter University games organized by FERWASCU (Rwandese Sports and culture Federation)
- National basketball league organized by FERWABA( Federation Rwandaise de Basketball)
- National volleyball competition organized by FRVR( Fedelation Rwandaise de Volleyball)

Cultural Activities

IPRC Huye organizes entertainment activities to promote culture, innovation and creativity among students. The events consists of:

- Talent Show events ( awarding best students performed in Culture, musicians, arts )
- Awarding best female students to promote gender
- Awarding best innovative students ( best project to promote competition during the graduation ceremony)

The Directorate of Student affairs in collaboration with the IPRC Huye Students' Cultural Troupe (URUSAMAZA) organizes different functions dedicated to cultural and URUSAMAZA the student's Cultural Troop is used for entertainment of institute's events.

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